Lulu Lemon

I just found this website, where you can buy yoga clothes and running gear. Love a lot of their stuff. I really wish I could afford going a teeny tiny bit crazy on that website right now!


tops 2


I really like neon-pastel colors like these. They make me long for sweat, summer and sun 😉

Back on the food-wagon

Hiya! I’m having breakfast and getting ready for a sunny day! I’m eating clean, no cheating.


Breakfast: quark cheese miced with frozen berries, topped with my home-made müsli. 2 eggs, grapes, banana and cottage cheese.

Today I’m doing laundry, studying, getting a haircut, meeting Claudia, studying some more and then I’m going to work out. And tonight I want to see my manly-man for som quality time.

I love Tuesdays!

Keep it up!

After 2-3 days of eating junk and not working out I finally managed to drag myself to the gym yesterday to attend a 30 minute spinning-class. I would say I gave it 96% and it felt great! After I got home I took some ego-pics and compared them to pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. This was exactly what I needed right now! Simply by eating clean and working out 3-4 times a week I really changed the shape of my body and this is nothing compared to what I could do if I gave it my everything!!

fitness lifestyle results

I’m so happy with this progress but it’s only the beginning.

photo 4

My goal is to get these abs to pop before may which means I now have exactly two months left to achieve it. I’ve been incorporating more cardio into my workouts to get there faster.

I’m so psyched to see my body transform even more during the next months and I’ve promised myself a sick something-something as a reward for my hard work. Just started saving money for it and hopefully next winter/spring I’ll be able to tell you all about it.