Going to Norway

I’m taking the bus tomorrow morning. I’m sleeping at my boyfriend’s place and he’s going to drive me there. Just set the alarm and now we’re going to sleep. I’m a really really heavy snoozer and this is basically how I set my alarm every night. Haha!

… just in case.

I wanna go home…

It’s been ages since I last went to Norway. It’s a shame really and I’ve been feeling home-sick lately, especially now that I have so much going on. I don’t have the time but I’ve decided to take a short trip and visit Christiane in her new apartment in Oslo. Leaving friday night which means I’ll arrive in Oslo Saturday morning. Then I’m coming back to Hbg Sunday afternoon.

Spoke to my little sister today an asked her if she could make arrangements with dad so they can come in to town and say hi while I’m there so I’m hoping for dinner or brunch.

Can’t wait. Honestly; I miss home so much I dunno what to do with myself at times.


Landed at Copenhagen Airport 45 minutes ago and Christiane has now checked in for her flight to Oslo. I’m taking the train to Helsingborg in 20 minutes.

It feels surreal to be back in Scandinavia after almost an entire month of traveling and staying in countries with warmer climates and a warmer culture. Both my trip to Cameroon and this last one to Barcelona have reminded me why I was always so eager to move abroad and try a different life. It has me kind of confused right now I guess, seeing as for the first time in my life I feel like I’ve found a place in Hbg that I really like calling home and where I have met a lot of people who mean a lot to me.

Yayaya. I also feel sad to say bye to Christiane again. We’ve had the greatest 12 days ever. ❤
Time to visit her at her new apartment in Oslo soon!