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So it’s been a minute. Well, almost two years actually. I’ve been considering revisiting my blog for a while but I honestly didn’t have the courage to do so until now. I had gotten to such a great place health-wise during 2013 but then somehow everything just crumbled. I gradually began feeling like nothing really mattered any more and eventually stopped caring about what was good for me. I stopped working out and turned to binge-eating to try and numb my emotions I guess and until I realized what was going on I had gained 20 kg. Cue self-hatred.

It took me more than a year until I began accepting what was going on and probably another six months until I started making serious changes in order to start feeling better again. And now I do. I feel great! I finally got accepted to medical school and am finally living the life I always dreamt of. The only thing I have left to do is loose all of this excess weight and I’m looking forward to working towards that goal! By the end of this year, I am going to feel even stronger and more physically fit than I used to.


I was hesitant to re-read my blog but now that I have I mostly feel relief. So much has happened in the past couple of years that I didn’t know if I could handle looking back, but I realized that I like putting my thoughs into words as this gives me a chance to really reflect upon my thoughts and feelings.  So here’s to facing the past and my current feelings about it. But most of all, to the greatness that lies ahead.

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January 2 – 2013 !

Got home an hour ago from celebrating Ashkan’s birthday at his place. I had such a great time. Got home in time to get some had-to-do stuff done and now I’m going to get some sleep. Just wanted to say hi since it’s been so long! haha

I’m in awe.. can’t believe it’s 2013. Last year passed by so quickly and it was kind of a crappy year… But a friend asked today what we considered the best memories from 2012 and next to the 10 days I spent in Barcelona with Christiane I think the best thing that happened to me last year was meeting S. It’s all a bit personal but I guess you could say things that used to be basic to me are finally beginning to make sense the way they used to and I am beginning to feel more and more like myself again. Things are looking more the way they should…

… yeah blablabla good night. xx


December 17

It’s been quite an emotional day.

Thank you loved ones for all of the presents, attention, for being there and for showing me your love.

Thank YOU for your honesty – for speaking up and reminding me exactly what this recently commenced 22nd year of my life should be all about.

julia binta

My 21st Birthday !

My phone rang early in the morning. Mom calling to wish me a happy birthday and only minutes later dad called, too. Feels so strange to think that I’ve turned 21. I was born at exactly this hour – 18:43 – 21 years ago. I still feel like such a baby so much of the time.

photo 4(1)

S surprised me big time with the one thing I wanted the most but had expected the least.
pole at home

Then he had to leave for work and I had breakfast alone with mom on the phone.
birthday table

leopard underwear h&m
I received so many amazing gifts and one of them was this gorgeous underwear set that Claudia got me.

photo 2(3)
Another was this Champagne tea from Ashkan. Delish!

After Saturday’s party I collected all of the remaining balloons and hung them from the ceiling, making a chandelier of them..  Love it. I’ll post pictures from Saturday later. Back to work now.
balloon chandelier