About Me

I’m Julia. Recently turned 24 and got the best birthday present ever:
I was accepted to Lund University where I am now studying medicine (that felt so weird and braggy and totally FRIGGIN AWESOME to write!). I don’t feel at all as lost any more, except for certain days when I just want to leave it all behind and move to a sunny place near the beach and surf all day, every day..




I am a 20 year-old norwegian citizen living in Helsingborg, Sweden together with my boyfriend. I’m currently working as a phone operator at a bank and I’ll probably be doing that for a while.

Other than that.. I currently find myself at a point in my life where I really don’t know. What is there really to say about me? What do I want to do with my life? I know I want to be successful, but who doesn’t? And how will I get there?

These are questions I ask myself every day. Hopefully, in time, I will find the answer. And through this blog you get to follow me in my search for the path to success…

…whatever that is.

Update: October 12, 2012

Still 20 years old and still living in Helsingborg. The change is, I am now living alone and have moved to a smaller apartment. I still have a boyfriend, just not the same as before.

I also still have the same job, but I have started working less since I began studying a month ago, which is great!

I’m still just as restless, though.. What will I do with my life ?      I’m really working on just going by it one day at a time and letting time tell. Which is hard when you’re always looking for things to happen right away, chop-chop!.

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