Lack of Discipline

Right there you have it. My greatest flaw. I am Julia Binta: The Master-Procrastinator. The greatest of the great.
I say I’ll do something, like the dishes or studying or vacuum cleaning or going for a run and then when it’s time I tell myself: “Well it doesn’t matter if I do (anyactivity,itdoesn’treallymather) first”. And then I do another and then another, and then someone calls and wants to meet so I say “Ok (it’simportanttobesocialyupyupberightthere) !” and then I get home and I have to change and then there’s this one little thing and then “Oh my, is that the time!? Gee I should really go to bed! (TVbloginternetbraidmyhairordomynailsortaketheworldslongestshower)” and then bam, it’s 01:27 and I think to myself: “Shit!!! (turnoffthelightsandZzzzzzz)”

Yeah that’s me right there. And I have now decided to make that the old me. I’ll keep you posted about the progress.


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