October 10

While waiting for the last of my laundry to dry today I went for an hour long walk/jog with Asslan. He’s the best jogging-buddy, I can really tell that he loves the exercise and his enthusiasm really rubs off on me.


The nature around Helsingborg is really beautiful and I love how everything is so colorful in the fall. I’ve decided to go for a jog at least twice a week the way I used to before and as mentioned I also need to eat less junk. Now my problem is I have a real sweet tooth so after my walk I went grocery shopping and also stopped by the fruit market and got a bunch of different fruits and veggies.


I actually made two bottles of juice but I gave the other one to mom.

My little brother was cooking his own lunch for tomorrow, too. How cute is that!?!?!


Any who.. I’m going to sleep now. Good night! Hugs and love!!


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