How are you all feeling today?  I’m feeling great!!

Woke up at around 10 and got up after S had left for work to clean up, take a shower, get dressed. Sat on the PC for a while before I decided to go for a walk with Asslan. Now I’m at mom’s place but she doesn’t seem to be home? ? Mommy where are you?

I stopped by Etoile on my way here and bought a Manchego ciabatta. Delisshhhh!

And oh my god do you know the feeling of restless legs? I woke up last night, no idea what time and almost started crying my feet were hurting so badly! I get that all the time when I’m really tired but not after falling asleep!? I think S was kinda scared I would kill him.. But seriously you have no idea what it feels like. Google restless legs! It’s a bitch..

Anyways… Gotta go. Asslan’s giving me that look… I think he’s bored.


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