Make it happen.

I’ve had so many changes of heart. Given up, abandoned or just lost interest for hopes and dreams and goals over the past couple of years and made new ones. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and after recently hearing the words of a dear someone close to me I now find myself facing a familiar goal. One I have had for what seems to me like my whole life.

This all brings up the question of whether to chase the dream and risk failure or not chase it and never know how it would have been to live it. And somewhere inside of me I know this could be it and that if I really really decide to make it and work hard, stay focused, just do it, I will succeed.

I hate the fact that I so often turned on myself, sabotaged, gave up, aborted mission due to my own insecurity. That is going to change.

This will require strength, determination, will-power and persistence and I think I’m gonna go for it.

(Thank you for re-igniting this spark, D)



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